Benefits of a Fireplace to Heat a home

There are a
few things to consider before getting a fireplace or wood stove to help heat
your home. There are options available if you are not sure. Generally speaking,
the most popular models are either gas, electric or wood fireplaces. Usually,
most people get a gas or electric fireplace as they are more efficient than
their wood burning counterparts. However, some people do prefer a wood burning
fireplace for various reasons.

A gas or
electric fireplace is clean burning with no air pollution, and no debris in
your home from wood or pieces that have fallen off of the logs.

The first
thing you need to remember is that it is important to make sure the chimney is
kept clean and free of soot buildup. (This is not important with an electric
fireplace, as there is no chimney).


A fireplace
should have doors on the front of it, so the heat from the room does not get
pulled up the chimney and go outside. You can also get an attachment fan to
your fireplace or stove to help move the heat around the room. This will
prevent the heat disappearing up your chimney. There are new designs out every
day that are practical yet attractive to the eye. Doors also add a safety
feature, to keep small children from getting hurt.

Fire back

consists of a metal plate that lines the back of a fireplace. This is used to
protect the masonry, but also used to radiate heat back into the room.

Inserts are
cast iron or steel boxes that can use wood, electricity, gas, or even coal and
are fitted right into an existing fireplace. These are extremely efficient, and
can actually reduce home heating costs by 20 to 40% according to the Hearth,
Patio & Barbecue Association.

Be sure to
get the right size stove or fireplace for your home, as it is pointless to get
a fireplace or stove only to discover that it is too small and will not heat
the area properly. You need to measure the square footage of the room and tell
the clerk at the store so they can help you decide how big the stove or
fireplace should be to adequately heat the room.

have shown that using a fireplace or stove to help heat the home, can cut the
heating bill by as much as 50%.

fireplaces and stoves can be used successfully to lower your heating bill, add
ambiance to your homeFree Reprint Articles, and make a lasting impression on visitors when they see
how comfortable you are with your fireplace or wood stove.









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