Charmglow Electric Fireplace

It is a well loved fact of home decor, that a beautiful fireplace adds that special X-factor of charm to any room, but have you heard of the Charmglow electric fireplace ? We all know that a fireplace not only serves the purpose of adding style and beauty to our homes, but for heating up the rooms. Well, Nowadays, one type of fireplace that is continuously gaining popularity to the general public is the Charmglow electric fireplace due to it being a faux fireplace, which means: no cleaning up of ashes, no high central heating  gas bills, and no continously having to add wood.

Charmglow electric fireplace beautiful designs

Purchasing a Charmglow electric fireplace may be considered a very wise choice due to a variety of reasons. First, let’s discuss about the availability of its style. This type of fireplace is sold together with the surrounding insert or mantle. This wide array of selections makes it convenient for different customers to choose a style of fireplace, in reference to their choice of wood colour and shape.  The designs are available to the public at very reasonable prices. And not only that, its fireplace designs are not only for display and elegance. This elegance and engineering combination, is not often found, when purchasing other types of fireplaces, of a similar price range to Charmglow electric fireplace.

Charmglow electric fireplace – independent flame or heat

This type of fireplace utilizes a holographic image, in order to provide the customer with a realistic looking flame. Thus, you also have the option of turning off the flame image if you only need the heat alone. The Charmglow electric fireplace effectively heats up the room temperature, simply because of its heater fan of 1500 watts. Plus, you don’t even need any form of ventilation system or further installations. Upon switching on the 1500 watts heater fan, it  soon heats up your room.

Here’s another advantage of using a Charmglow electric fireplace: During summer months on late evenings, if and when you like some kind of fire, without the matching heat that it normally produce, then just switching on the flame image should do the trick for you. The flame image will definitely lighten up your room with style and without any additional unnecessary heat. Another advantage of using this fireplace is its portable feature. Because it only weighs 42 lbs, it is very easy to bring to any place or room that you want to heat or lighten up.

The Charmglow electric fireplace is also very easy to clean. Its low-maintenance requirement only needs a simple and quick cleaning with the aid of a clean dry cloth. The psychological warmth that the fake fire provides, is so wonderful, that some people purchase one for each main room, so go ahead and find out what is so special about the Charmglow electric fireplace.

Here’s a Charmglow electric fireplace in action: