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People from cold regions are quite familiar with the traditional fireplaces, which were used in their past or still available in their grandparent’s houses. These were the fireplaces lightened by the wood logs and kerosene oil to make the use warm for sometimes. All around the world people are familiar with these traditional fireplaces, which are still liked to be projected in the English movies. In the simple words, electric fireplaces are the latest version, while using the means of electricity available in every modern country. When we talk about the fireplaces, in the modern market there are many types of electric fireplaces with unique styles and within variety of colors according to the resent trend of matching. This trend of matching, aware the modern man to have every thing up to date in his house. Portable electric fireplaces are the new invention the field of electric appliances. Manufactures of this new version are very glad to see the consumption rate of these electric fireplaces in the modern market. These fireplaces are also known as heaters around the globe. The advantages of portable electric fireplaces are seriously amazing. In the past people have to come near the fireplace to seek warmth but these portable heater can be easily placed by a single person on each and every place. People, who really like to sit in the lawns in the winter season can place this portable fireplace nearby and fulfill his desires, while enjoying the season. In the cold regions mother of the youngster pack them in the hefty clothing to make them safe from the chilly winters but now it is easy to put a portable fireplace anywhere to make a home a comfortable place. 

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