Save Money on Home Heating with Fireplace Covers


This article will look into the world of energy saving fireplace covers and doors. You love nothing better than using it on those cool evenings, where the flames are both warming and comforting. But when you are not using it you notice a chilly draft flowing from the fireplace into the room. You checked the damper and done everything you know how but the room is still too cool. But what can you do? The best solution is to buy fireplace covers. What is a Fireplace Cover?Covers come in various sizes, styles and materials, but overall their main function is to block or close off the firebox (the main area where the flames are located) from the rest of the room or from outside elements. Covers basically come in main designs, hard or soft. Soft covers are more flexible and inexpensive while hard ones while more expensive, often work better as far as blocking drafts. Under the “hard” category are airtight glass doors made from special high temperature glass that performs a similar function. Why Buy Indoor Covers?The main reason is fuel costs. Covers save you money. It’s a fact of physics that hot air raises, and in the average home with a fireplace, you can lose as much as 30% of your home heat through your unprotected fireplace.Another plus of such a tool, especially with outdoor fireplace covers is that they will protect your fireplace interior from dust,  dirt and debris  that can be blown into the firebox, causing a messy clean-up every time you want to use the fireplace.How to Buy CoversFirst determine if you want to use soft or hard covers or doors. Soft covers are normally made of canvas (indoor use) and nylon or polyester (outdoor fireplaces). They use ties and clamps, etc. to attach them to openings of the fireplace. These easy-to-remove fireplace covers are very affordable.Hard covers have a much wider range of colors, styles (Contemporary, Victorian, French Empire, and Stamped Tin), materials (wood, metals and glass) to select from.  A simple wooden fireplace cover can actually be made by a homeowner who is good with their hands and power tools.  The next step is to measure your fireplace. Do you want your fireplace cover to fit just inside the interior or cover the outside and overlap the exterior facing or wall by a few inches? Make sure you take careful notes and write down everything exactly as you see it. The main problem with most covers is the lack of a secure fit caused by carelessness when doing the measurements.Now you can start the fun part…choosing the fireplace cover that matches the style of your room and that fits snugly over your fireplace opening. Tin and other stamped metals have been used for centuries as both effective and decorative covers in homes across the world. If your fireplace is factory-built or of a standard size, you probably will be able to find a nice selection of glass fireplace cover doors that suit your tastes and fits your budget.Now that you have been introduced to the world of fireplace covers, you can pick one that is beautiful as well as functional.

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