Ventless Fireplace – Comparing Electric and Ventless Gas Models


The ventless fireplace can appear in many different types in the market. Two possible choices that you can get include the ventless gas heater and the electric model. Both can be great choices. However, if you wish to learn more, you’ll find here a comparison between the two when it comes to appearance, safety and cost.In terms of appearance, both can be purchased bearing a wide array of designs from classic to very modern in their self-contained units. These can then be obtained either in wall inserts or free-standing varieties. The only difference in appearance though is that the fire produced by the electric fireplace is not real. The ventless gas fireplace, on the other hand, produces authentic flames. Also a matter of distinction is that the electric fireplace has an electric cord in them which when not cleverly hidden can make the fireplace look dismal and totally fake.When it comes to safety, the electric fireplaces are deemed safer for they wouldn’t cause any concern for homeowners when it comes to release of toxic fumes. They don’t give off smoke because basically they perform like any heaters do. The ventless gas fireplace meanwhile can produce undue concern to the homeowners. No one can really be sure whether they do not completely give off traces of toxic fumes. That’s why their use is always regulated by law and their users are advised to attach a carbon monoxide detector or an oxygen depletion sensor nearby. When it comes to cost, buying the electric fireplace units are cheaper than the ventless gas devices. Nevertheless, when you calculate the cost of operation, the natural gas can be found to be more affordable. The cost of electricity is often high in many regions while natural gas prices are usually cheaper. The best thing with the natural gas ventless fireplace, however, is that they can still be in use even with massive blackouts in the area caused by bad weather. 

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With ventless fireplace in the comfort of your own home, you can just sit back and relax after long hours of work in the office. {pixabay|100|campaign}



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