what are fireplace inserts?


There is nothing like crackle of blazing fire in the shivering cold.  The gas fireplacesgive you the sense of warmth and comfort. However, traditional gas fireplaces have one major downside; heat loss. This drawback is found in both masonry fireplace as well as the factory built fireplace. There is one solution to this problem; fireplace inserts.Generally, gas fireplaces pull warm air into the fire and out of the room. As a result, a lot of energy is lost up from the material surrounding fire and the chimney, which makes gas fireplaces less efficient. When there is a freezing cold and the temperatures drop below normal, fireplace creates less energy than it exhausts. The fireplace inserts are designed to overcome this inefficiency and to provide constant heat for longer periods.Many people hear about gas fireplace inserts, but they don’t know what exactly the gas fireplace inserts are. The fireplace inserts are basically fireproof materials or the boxes made by cast iron or steel. These insulating boxes are fronted by insulating glass, creating combustion in the closed chamber. The cast iron or steel traps the heat inside making the gas fireplaces more efficient. Some fireplace inserts have blower to push the warm air into the room through frontal vent. If the fireplace inserts are properly installed, they can prove to be the best supplemental zone heaters as compared to the wood and gas fireplaces. You can use wood, electricity, propane or coal to power the fireplace inserts. The gas fireplaces offer one big advantage; timesaving. For instance; you need to gather the wooden stuff to ignite the fireplace. For this purpose you need an axe, a tree and a physical workout. In case, if you buy all that wooden stuff, you need to store and haul it. If you don’t remember to open the flue, smoke might harm your eye and you need to clean the ash at regular intervals.You can easily overcome all these disadvantages by using a gas or electric inserts, all you have to do is push the button of your remote control. Out of the gas and electric inserts, electric ones are the less complicated and simplest types available in the market. You don’t need the permits to buy them, just plug it and enjoy the heat. Many people have nonworking fireplace as they live in an apartment. So, for these people with aesthetic reasons, electric fireplaces inserts are the best choice. It includes one heater and you can also adjust the flame size with the least effort for their installation in gas fireplaces.In the gas fireplace inserts, a gas line is required, so their installation needs a professional assistance. You need to clean the glass door regularly, aside from that there is no maintenance. You don’t need to clean the chimney and no refueling is required. You can also run these models on wall thermostats and some even come with remote controls.

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