Discover The Unique Appeal of Amish Fireplace Designs


The Amish have been building gorgeous wooden fireplaces for centuries; it has only been recently, however, that they have begun selling them to the general public. Anyone who loves the look of hand-carved wood and the ambiance of fine wood furniture is going to love incorporating one of these Amish fireplaces into their home’s décor. A fireplace made of wood seems a bit ambivalent, since the usual point of a fireplace is to burn wood. However, everything seems entirely proper when you look at how the Amish accomplish this feat. They start by creating a solid, hardwood shell using traditional woodworking methods and styles. An electric space heater is then inserted within the shell. The retailer will determine the type of heater used, but most of the ones used have been designed to give the look of a real fire. Most Amish fireplaces are also built on wheels to make them very portable.

The most exquisite part of the Amish fireplace, and the one that provides the focal point for the piece, is the handcrafted mantle. Craftsmen use the best woods available and time-honored woodworking techniques in the design of these mantles. Once they have been crafted, you can expect the mantles to withstand household use for many years to come. The final finishes are extremely durable, moisture resistant, and are strong enough to withstand a spill of acetone-based nail polish remover. With this kind of craftsmanship, your new fireplace is sure to become a family heirloom passed down through the generations. Mantles are made of maple, cherry, oak, and quarter-sawn oak. You can purchase them separate from a fireplace in many sizes to fit your existing fireplace. Some of the many styles Amish mantles come in are Mission, Covington, Charleston, Westlake, Shaker, and Modesto.

If you like, you can have a mantle custom made for your traditional fireplace. These delightful mantles have wall mounts and are crafted specifically to be used with pre-existing fireplaces. Since these pieces are custom-made, as a customer you will have a choice of several different woods, finishes, and styles. Rest assured that your custom mantle will be crafted individually which will make it one-of-a-kind. The same high standards are used in crafting these mantles that are used for all Amish furniture pieces.

Your custom crafted mantle will be crafted to last through the generations which will make it more of an investment than a piece of furniture. No matter where you display your mantle, it’s going to be of the fine heirloom quality that will not depreciate in value over the years. Due to the traditional techniques, fabulous designs, and excellent craftsmanship, your mantle will actually become more valuable as it ages. When you are considering adding a freestanding fireplace to your home décor or a mantle to your existing fireplace, you will never go wrong with a quality, Amish-crafted piece. After allBusiness Management Articles, the Amish are known for superior furniture craftsmanship that it hard to beat.




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