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“Hi. Iu2019m matt granite the youtube deal and whether you watch me on your local tv station or us todayu2026 I find big deals that hopefully no one else in the country is finding right now. And if you subscribeu2026. you get them before anyone else that watches me on tv or us today and today home heating price drops that are absolutely going to blow you away.

Before I get to my favorite dealu2026 take a look. Iu2019m sure you donu2019t need me to tell you the benefits of infrared heaters and why theyu2019re extremely effective and energy efficient and today this type of heat is tied to three huge deal drops. The first deal I want to share is a fire place so many of you have been asking for. Itu2019s at its all-time low price today with free delivery. This is the lowest price in the country. If you major area that needs warming upu2026 this 1500 watt infrared heater weu2019ve tested is amazing and 70 percent off today with free delivery. Insane! For medium sized roomsu2026 infrared tower heaters at their lowest price in the country with a coupon I found. 47 and free shipping. None of these are paid productsu2026 all of them are locate under this video window.

I donu2019t make a dime of commission on anything I show you but I do want to show you how this works. Very easy. You turn the power on. You can set this thermostat to anything you want and inside this beautifulu2026 itu2019s very hard to do upside downu2026 thatu2019s why I was pushing buttons like an idiotu2026.. nice wood infrared heateru2026this is what the back of it looks likeu2026 on wheelsu2026 so you can move it from room to roomu2026 does an incredible job heating up a small space quickly. It comes with two remotes. I have no idea why it has two remotes but that is a perk. I wish you could feel how hot this is getting.

The link again right under this video window. Thanks for watching. And if you want first access to my exclusive deals, hit that subscribe button. That will make sure you get the biggest deals first. Thank you so much for watching.